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Pretty good combination

Pretty good combination

Here are some other sites we think are worth a visit:

A Science Book a Day – Self-explanatory title! The aim of this site is to ‘engage people in science via books and for them to bring their own ideas and experiences to science’.

Animail – a satirical science site

Bad Science – keeping an eye on poor scientific practice, this site is maintained by acclaimed debunker Ben Goldacre.

Bang! Science – Oxford’s student science magazine – selected articles are available online and a print issue is available three times a year. We featured in the 2015 ‘Women in Science’ issue.

Blue Streak Science – S co-hosts this weekly podcast with JD Goodwin and Kellie Vinal: science, news, politics and Asshole of the Week. Listen in and give us constructive criticism/abuse!

Ecology for Australia – a wonderful blog curated by Australian ecologist Ian Lunt.

Neurobabble – a blog covering neuroscience research curated by four PhD students.

Espresso Science – ‘shots of science’ from a Professor in zoology from Melbourne.

Live Science – an amalgamation of interesting science links.

In The Abstract – Pub-style podcast chats about topical events in science.

Retraction Watch – reports of flimsy scientific publishing, flaws in scientific method and subsequent retractions.

Scientific Blatherings – a wonderful site debunking various bits and pieces of quackery masquerading as science.

Science Seeker – a collection of international science blogs (including yours truly) covering a range of different subjects.

Wild Melbourne – a fantastic site! This effort is intended to increase public awareness about wildlife in urban Melbourne. In an age of over-fishing, habitat fragmentation and an increased human population the owners of Wild Melbourne aim to remind us all of the importance (and fragility) of wildlife everywhere we look. Wonderful photography as well.

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